Anatomical studies of Ancestry 

(Work in progress)

The project is based on postcolonial identities which are very prominent about Goa but also fading existence of it. Identities formed in terms of plant spices, furniture, architecture etc. that speak for ancestry as well as shared histories of the land.  Besides that myths and humanly relations, interest me and open a scope to form my personal narratives. Ironically the architectural buildings are turning almost body-less that shows humanly relations.

The Architecture of Goan Catholics has strong Portuguese, Mughal, and Indian influences. It developed over the long colonial Portuguese India era (1500s−1961). Most of the historic houses that stand were built between the 18th century and early 20th century, in a mixture of Neoclassical and Gothic Revival styles. Portuguese Empire rule allowed Goan people to travel abroad; when they returned they brought with them ideas and influences from other countries. The Goan master builders executed these ideas using local building materials, making the Goan house an eclectic mixture of different cultures. And today most of the houses are abandoned in spite of best comforts. Till today people of Christian community are fond of moving to European countries and in this process the houses are abandoned and turning ghostly. The other most common reason is disputes between brothers of joint family. 

In the ongoing project I am trying to understand our ancestors through the postcolonial objects, plant species, architectural and furniture fragments which I feel are anatomies. The process is organic transformation of fragments into a bodily metamorphosis or a temporal transformation. My interventions in making artefacts are to make metaphorical beings that can question various meanings of human condition, existence of a space,what happens to the  memory when it is fragmented?, what happens to object when a part of it moves in a space? etc.project deals with the idea of past and present state of space which will be constructed in a such a way that it becomes of a fragmented poems of human conditions.

Digital Sketches of Anatomical Studies