Stories which were not told , 2016


OPEN 7 (At Heritage Hotel Art Spaces, Siolim-Goa.)   

This  body of work evolves as an organic process to understand personal histories and meanings through the stories, myths, and sayings from infancy. Objects which shares postcolonial and I see them as mythical beings as avtaras. Which I find is almost becoming extinct in their existence. 
​I find this shrubbery not only has colonial meanings attached but also humanly relations which I find are the fourth dimension. And I am interested in those stories which create layers of human conditions which develop as (avatars) I feel. Further the process brings into newer meanings by miniature intervention of mechanical movements. Mechanical movements that becomes self destructive and self constructive, sometimes contradicts the meaning. I am interested in the flux of layers which may be meanings of myth or stories, memory attached to any object.

Tale of Jackfruit   I   Charcoal on Lamp shade paper, 2016   I    2 feet x 12 feet (Imperial size each )

Charcoal drawing on Lamp Shade paper,2016 Emperial size

Prithvi, 2016 I Jack Fruit, Artificial hair,artificial pearl, mechanism, I Installation view of work

FINDING THE SOUL,2016 I Installation view of work I Broken fan without plates, LED lights, tread, artificial hair, broken umbrella, shadow cast

‘Remembering the tailbone’ is a performance that tries to explore one’s own existence by relating the body to the fishtail and palm fruit in order to draw a parallel with ancient existence and evolution. Much like the tailbone in the human body, both these objects are now slowly growing out of use in my region, Goa, since they have lost their productive value. I see these object just as memory of the tailbone, which we had once within us, and is now extinct within us.

Performance Still Titled ‘ Remembering the Tail Bone’2016  I   At Heritage Hotel Art Spaces, Open 7,Siolim Goa  I  Medium: Found Fish Tale Palm Fruit, Light, Resting Chair, Cloth, Rope and Light.Duration: 3 hours.